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The Book

sep1Balancing conflicting responsibilities. Managing our time effectively under crushing schedules. Living up to our full potential in our chosen professions without neglecting our responsibilities to our family and friends. We all face such difficulties in our professional and personal lives.

Dr. Robert Cerfolio has led a life of achievement, excelling as a surgeon, athlete, and family man. And yet he is no stranger to these same obstacles and challenges.

In “Super Performing at Work and at Home: The Athleticism of Life”, Cerfolio shares his insights and wealth of experiences on how he has delivered excellent performance in all aspects of his life, even while under extreme pressure.

Cerfolio describes the book’s title as referring to “the practice of life that elevates the mind and body of the good to the great and that makes a star performer into a Super Performer.”

He recounts how the same regimen that has pushed him to excel professionally also helped him weather the blow of losing his wife to cancer.

book1The most profound lessons that Cerfolio has learned were instilled through the painful experience of saying goodbye to his beloved Lorraine – lessons on living to use one’s gifts in service to others, as she had throughout her life.

Beyond individual performance, Cerfolio brings his experiences as a mentor and a coach to bear in insights on how to most effectively lead teams to their highest potential in pursuing common goals.




 Cerfolio recounts his firsthand experiences from the operating table and the baseball diamond – lessons such as:

  • How to maintain focus when a big game – or the life of a patient or a big presentation – is on the line.
  • The duty of keeping commitments to teammates and associates.
  • Finding gratitude for being presented with pressure, which Cerf calls “opportunity in disguise”.
  • The importance of finding a good coach – even long after your team sports days may have ended.
  • Maintaining a lifetime of motivation through the inevitable ups and downs that life serves all of us.

Despite his impressive accolades, Cerfolio regards his proudest achievement to be one not commonly listed on a CV – his family.